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Innopeutics Ltd  is co-founded in the UK in 2019, with the contribution of the  experts from  many disciplines in the field of genetics, biopharmaceuticals, Medicinal chemistry and



The total accumulated multi disciplinary experience

exceeds 20 fields. Through our affiliated offices in North America and a network of high profile scientists around the world, we do serve our clients in a very large geographical area.


Our mission is to Link you to the World of Science,

Technology & Innovation for a Better Life for all.




Softening      Your Touch

       Ongoing research and     development for the treatment         of psoriasis & skin cancer    

Sharpening    Your Vision

Ongoing research to address    eye Neurodegenerative disorders 

Hi-lighting Human Health

NGS & Synthesis (DNA/RNA/Protein), Ancestry, Neurodegenerative Diseases, Precision Medicine

Prognostics & Diagnostics

                                                               SARS-CoV-2 one step                    RT-qPCR kits(RUO),              NDG, Skin cancer, Diabetics